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At Himalaya Pet Wellness, we pride in having our plant-based products translate wellness into every home. With no usage of harsh chemicals, our recognised herbal solutions now cater to our furry friends.

As part of the family, all pets deserve to have their health and needs prioritised as much as ours. For a holistic pet care, opt for products that pander to wellness and grooming. Suitable for daily use, paw parents are no longer worrying about their pet’s comfortability. A healthy pet is a happy pet!


We’re always wanting to ensure our pets are healthy and active so we can fill memories of good times in great health! To nourish and boost their wellness, select from our range of plant-based pet supplements. The clinically designed herbal formulation has been extensively researched and is appropriate for long term use. 

Through applying Ayurveda and the highest quality of plants and herbs, these wellness products are a great addition to any pets’ lifestyle. Coupled with proper diet and care, your pets will be well taken care of, both emotionally and physically.

It is never too late to kickstart your pet’s wellness journey.


All pets deserve to be pampered. Using natural grooming products, it’s time to complete our pet care-cycle! The natural extracts from flowers and plants soothe and are less harsh on our pets. Not only are we ensuring proper grooming in our pets’ lives, a healthy coat and skin is a much-welcomed comfort that is bound to alleviate our pets’ stressors.

Make it a good fur day, every day.

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We believe in translating traditional medicinal methods and implementing it successfully into modernity. Our practices apply Ayurveda, which revolves around natural remedies and herbal formulas. Hence, all of our products are created with phytoactive ingredients specifically curated for preventive pet care.

Through meticulous formulation, comprehensive research and development, we ensure that each of our products is reliable and safe for all cats and dogs. Find joy and confidence in contributing to your pets’ well-being and happiness.